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What we Offer?

To discover or rediscover a truly serendipitous Sri Lanka – be it in the form of cultural enrichment, wildlife education, adventure pursuits or business development,  you take away a value added perspective by engaging in an event that is aligned with your special interest, endearvour or just pure curiosity in areas that are intrinsically Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka also known as the “Nation of Smiling People” is seeing rising tourist arrivals and eco-tourism, both playing and contributing in a major way in its developing economy. We ensure that your needs are met in a way that will complement and sustained their desired goals. We can look into other events of value and importance for the individuals, groups, clubs and companies.

We cater to groups of 8 guests and more (you can form your own groups or register with us for opportunities to meet like-minded individuals) and opt for shorter and longer stays; however we recommend trips of 7 days. Specialised language guides can also be arranged.


A picnic lunch prepared by a local family

Community Events

Meals prepared by local families through a Community Based Tourism program allow these families to enter the tourism value chain. Not only will you be helping them earn an additional income, you get to taste home cooked food served on lotus leaves in the most incredible settings or in their village homes. Settle yourselves among the friendly locals and they might just share their secret recipes with you!

Other community events include cultural performances, trekking with aboriginal Veddahs, herbs & and spices cooking classes, tea cultivation.

The Sri Lankan leopard - an endangered species

National Conservation Events

Sri Lanka is home to two ecological World Heritage Sites - The Sinharaja Forest Reserve and The Central Highlands. There are 751 known species of amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles and 3,314 species of vascular plants. Over 20% are of the animal and plant species are endemic to Sri Lanka. The waters surrounding the island make it one of the best locations for whale and dolphin watching.

Learn more at biodiversity presentations.

Other conservation events include its ancient and sacred cities.

Drumming up a beat for the celebrations

Educational Events

Buddhism is central and pivotal to the every day lives of 70% of Sri Lankan people. They observe many festivals and celebrations like Poson Full Moon Poya Day which commemorates the emergence of Buddhism in the 3rd century from India.

Throughout most of its history, Sinhalese kings have played a major role in the maintenance and revival of the Buddhist institutions of the island. During the 19th century, a modern Buddhist revival took place which promoted Buddhist education and learning.

Other educational events include ayuverdic studies and pilgrimages.

Cycling by the coast is a breeze!

Outdoor Events

Cycling is a viable and enjoyable alternative mode for exploring Sri Lanka! It can be challenging in The Central Highlands but for the most parts, the beautiful and captivating landscapes and attractions are accessible by back roads and tracks through villages.

There are much to see and do when cycling along palm fringed coastlines, through tea plantations, dense forests, colonial heritage towns, ancient cities and ruins.

Other outdoor events include whale and dolphin watching, leopard safaris and wreck diving.

Hanging out together - hiking

Other Events

Have your meetings in Sri Lanka. especially out in the country - in settings that offers ample opportunities for individuals to recalibrate themselves and for teams to bond. Activities include a 4-hour hike in Horton Plains to waking up at 3 am and walking 5,500 steps to reach the top of Adam's Peak.

Great camaraderie can come about by putting up in bungalows in national parks, eco lodges, tree houses or roughing it out with camping gear in the great outdoors. Wildlife safaris and train rides are equally enjoyable and educational!