Enjoying The Tropics

Sri Lanka has essentially a tropical climate and therefore there is no off-season and can lay genuine claim to being a year-round holiday destination. At sea level the temperature ranges from 25° to 28°C, however in the hill country it varies from 12° to 16°C and temperatures can drop to 2°C at night. Pack a few sweaters and thick woollen coats when visiting the beautiful landscapes in the hill country.

Rainfall is received mainly during two monsoons with occasional inter-monsoonal showers.

Being an island paradise you just have to know which side of the island to focus on in any given month.

The West & South of Sri Lanka is best from November to April

The East & North of Sri Lanka is best from May to October

Island wide monsoon occurs from October to first half of November

The period of December to mid-April is considered peak season for overall weather and hence overall visitor numbers.


Enjoying Places of Interest – 1 Day Tour

Mandaram Waterfall in Nuwara Eliya:

Mandaram Waterfall in Nuwara Eliya, better known as “Little England”, is thoroughly enjoyable because the journey there is a very picturesque one. En route, you will meet local farmers hard at work on their vegetable or cane farms and tea pickers with huge “backpack” baskets used for collecting the plucked tea leaves as they expertly manoeuvre from one tea bush to another.  Mandaram Nuwara is about 1,250 meters above sea level. However, you will need a local guide to access this fall, since it is very easy to get lost in the forest as there is no clear mapped path to the fall.  


National Park Safaris:

If you love safaris, you will love the many National Park Safaris that Sri Lanka has to offer.  Because of its tropical climate the parks are rich with flora and green vegetation and most times you are treated to a wide species of birds and wildlife in its natural habitat. Weheragala, Minneriya and Yala National Parks are quite different in landscape and beauty and that’s what makes it more thrilling.  Make sure you have a sun hat and slap on lots of sun block, a pair of binoculars and a camera …and be prepared for a fun bumpy ride in an open jeep.   


Ancient City of Sigiriya:

Sri Lanka has eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, that’s a lot for a small country (area of 65,610 sq m/25,330 sq miles). And one of them is the Ancient City of Sigiriya which literally means Lion Throne.  It is a bit of a hike – it is about 200 metres high and the climb involves 1,202 steps to get to the top so if you are faint-hearted and physically-challenged, this is not your cup of tea.  But Sigiriya Rock is one of Sri Lanka’s most sensational archaeological heritage site. There used to be 500 paintings of beautiful damsels, but they are now reduced to only 19 gracing the plastered rock face. Can you imagine if the 500 paintings still exist – it is an art gallery in itself!


Bentota River Safari:

Did you know that Sri Lanka also offers a river safari – down south in Bentota?  The wildlife here is not as colourful but just as thrilling, like water monitor lizards and crocodiles majestically gliding through the waters, kingfisher and water frogs. The boat cruise meanders from river into mangrove swamps – the vegetation is thick and gigantic swampy roots try their darnest to reach for the skies.  If you are into safaris, experience both land and “sea” in one visit.